After spending our first several months living in our home in Midlothian, the time had come to have it soft-washed, as well as to have the windows cleaned. I’ve always had my windows professionally cleaned over the years, but never on the inside of the house, as well as the outside. The team at Spotless was quick to come out and assess the job and within a few days, I had a well-documented quote for both services. Once we scheduled the appointment they spent a day soft-washing the home and another cleaning the windows.

For starters, the crews that they deployed were professional, on time and extremely courteous. They remained in constant motion, working hard not to miss a single smudge or speck. I was shocked at the difference that the soft-washing made to our home. I didn’t think that it was very dirty to begin with, but after Spotless did their professional soft-wash, it looked like a brand new house. It even smelled spotless. The team that did the windows followed suit, with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to ensure that they achieved perfection on every pane of glass.

I will certainly be using Spotless Window Cleaning & Softwash in the future and have highly recommended them to our jealous neighbors.

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