Drum Roll Please…
Introducing Premium Window Cleaning

What is Premium Window Cleaning?

Have you ever opened your window sashes only to find a weathered layer of dirt, grime, and debris where the sash rests on the window sill? We thought so. After hundreds of customer inquiries asking us to clean these difficult areas, we decided to oblige and take this difficult and pesky chore off our customers’ shoulders.

At Spotless, we love wowing customers with clean windows…traditionally the glass, frame, and exposed sill (our “Standard” service scope). Now, with our “Premium” service, we get to DETAIL-CLEAN the entire window structure, in particular the unexposed sill and track (complementing the Standard services).

How is the Premium service different than the Standard service?

Our Standard service includes the following:

  • Streak-free cleaning of exterior window glass (both inside and outside of exterior windows) using professional hand tools.
  • Wiping of exposed sills (i.e., a portion of sill/tracks not covered by window sash).
  • Detailing of glass edges.
  • Sponge cleaning of screens to remove cobwebs and topical debris.
  • Wiping of frame area 6-8” away from the glass.

 Our new Premium service includes all of the above services but adds a DETAIL-CLEAN of the unexposed sills and tracks with specialized tools and materials. We will open your window sash and safely remove years of weathering from the frame, tracks, and window sill where the sash normally rests.

 Just like in the car wash industry, our Premium service is more specialized and intricate compared to our Standard service. Think a detail-clean (just like a car) of the sills, tracks, and frames, as opposed to a professional “wipe down.” Our technicians take the necessary extra time to make the entire window feel like new. Given the extra care and time required, the Premium service is more expensive than our standard service. Prices vary based on window style and soil level.

How does Spotless perform the Premium service?

After arriving at the residence and reviewing the scope of work with the customer, our technicians will prepare the home for cleaning (clearing the work area and laying drop cloths). They will start the Premium service inside the home and then move outside the home (our Standard service begins outside the home and finishes inside the home). The team will move room to room as a group, starting upstairs moving downstairs. Before executing the steps of the Standard service, the team will conduct the Premium service process on the entire window structure.

 Tools and materials utilized in the Premium service include:

  • Multiple Specialized brushes
  • Sea sponges and Chamois
  • Cleaning solution (i.e. soap)
  • Microfiber towels
  • Aerosol duster
  • Hand-vacuum

 Once the detailed cleaning of the sills, tracks, and frame is completed, the glass is cleaned similar to our Standard service. All debris will be removed from the premises as we conduct the specialized cleaning process. Once our work is completed inside the home, the team will move outside to continue the service, utilizing effectively the same process as on the inside.

 At the conclusion of the service, our Team will conduct a detailed walk-through of their work with the customer, ensuring everything meets expectations. Payment is then collected and customers are free to enjoy their freshly detailed windows, as well as the Spotless views!

How often should Premium be performed?

The dirt, grime, and debris caking customers’ window sills and glass is not just aesthetically displeasing. Damage is being done to the window by this organic and inorganic matter. Over time, this will cause structural defects and generate expensive restoration projects.

 We recommend a more economical and proactive annual maintenance approach:

  • One whole-home SoftWash service
  • One Premium Window Cleaning service
  • One Standard Window Cleaning service (for a total of 2 window cleanings per year)

 Service plans are available for customers wishing to execute this recommendation (or other variations of it) to place their annual home maintenance plans on auto-pilot.

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