Pressure Washing &

Spotless Window Cleaning & SoftWash in Richmond, VA is equipped to meet all of your pressure washing (i.e., power washing – these terms can be used interchangeably!) and SoftWashing needs.

Our professional and experienced staff welcome the opportunity to work with you to brighten the appearance of your home. We specialize in SoftWashing, a cleaning technique that uses low pressure and a water-based biodegradable disinfecting solution to safely remove stains from the exterior of your home.

Whether you are looking for SoftWashing, power washing or pressure washing our team is here to help you with:

Concrete patio, sidewalk, and driveway pressure washing

Fence power washing

Paved patio, porch and deck power washing

Residential siding cleaning including vinyl siding cleaning, HardiePlank siding power washing, and stucco, stone, and brick pressure washing

Gutter SoftWashing

What Is The Difference Between

Pressure Washing & Softwashing

Pressure Washing uses the power of water from a pressure washing machine to remove dirt and debris from flat hardscape surfaces around your home (sidewalks, patios, driveways, certain types of decking).

SoftWashing uses low pressure and a water-based disinfecting solution to remove stains from your home’s exterior siding, trim, window frames, and porches. SoftWashing is completely safe and best-suited for cleaning delicate or painted surfaces that water power of pressure washing might damage.

Power Washing & SoftWashing

key benefits

Don’t wait. Enjoy the beauty of your freshly cleaned home or workplace.

Revitalizes the overall appearance of your home

Removes natural build-up of mold, mildew, algae, dirt and debris

Increase your home's curb appeal

SoftWashing does not damage painted siding, trim or brick with excessive pressure

Saves money on costly future repairs with preventative maintenance of your home’s exterior

Saves time and energy with our stress-free services

Protects your family from the intrusion of outside allergens living on your home

Increases your home’s value - SoftWashing is one of the most affordable ways to make your home’s exterior look new again

Power Washing & SoftWashing


To determine cost we must first send an estimator to visit your site. If your property is outside our standard service area, we may rely on you to provide photos of the areas to be cleaned.

Several factors influence the overall price of your Pressure Washing / SoftWashing service.

Square footage of surface area to be cleaned (the larger the home or hardscape, the higher the price)

Surface material to be cleaned (and therefore technique used for cleaning)

Any unusual terrain or obstructions that introduces safety or accessibility challenges

Additional customer specifications or requests

We provide residential SoftWashing and Pressure Washing services at hundreds of homes in the Richmond area each year, and prices can vary. The pricing below can serve as a general guideline for the cost of your service.
$250 - $350
This is the lower end of our customer price range and reflects SoftWashing of homes in the 1,500 – 3,500 square foot range*. Pressure Washing services may not be included.
$350 - $500
This is the mid-point of our customer price range and reflects SoftWashing of homes in the 3,500-5,000 square foot range*, perhaps with the inclusion of some smaller-scale pressure washing services such as sidewalks, steps, small patios, and retaining walls.
$500 - $900+
This is the high end of our customer price range and reflects SoftWashing of larger homes 5,000 square feet+*, often with the inclusion of some moderate to extensive pressure washing services, such as larger patios, large brick walls, pool decks, and driveways.
*Note: Square footage of home is not the only indicator of price, as wood / vinyl siding and painted brick homes have a naturally greater surface area to be SoftWashed than unfinished brick exteriors. The SoftWashing is only effective on non-porous surfaces. For unfinished brick homes, the focus of the cleaning would be on any trim, shutters, window frames, front porch and sidewalk. For porous surfaces, such as brick or concrete, pressure must be used to remove dirt and mildew.
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