The Gutter Pro Vac: How Spotless Cleans Gutters Safely and Effectively

The problem with traditional gutter cleaning contractors…
Every conscientious homeowner should understand the importance of a regular gutter cleaning program to ensure water is properly flowing through your gutter system and away from your roof and foundation. Gutter cleaning is important for the useful life of your gutters and preventing long-term water intrusion.

With the average height of a two-story home being 20-25 feet tall, teetering at the top of a ladder to remove and bag gutter debris is a task many homeowners will gladly assign to a contractor. The problem is this: the average gutter cleaning contractor is cutting corners and using unsafe work practices to accomplish the task, such as walking on unprotected roof edges and not using three points of contact on an extension ladder.

The last thing you want is an injury to take place on your property, especially since many owner/operators of traditional gutter cleaning companies avoid the cost of carrying proper workers compensation and general liability insurance.

The Spotless method mitigates these risks for the homeowner.

Cleaning gutters with a vacuum
Spotless uses a vacuum-based approach to gutter cleaning with Gutter Pro Vac (GPV) technology. We love this method of cleaning, because, not only does it accomplish the same great results as hand cleaning, but it minimizes safety risks to our technicians and the homeowner’s property.

Our vacuum approach to cleaning gutters is simple:

  1. Extend the fiberglass clamping poles with a nozzle at the end up to the roofline. The fiber glass tube can extend to a customizable length depending on where the gutters are located on the home.
  2. Connect the pole system to the GPV’s large vacuum using a large plastic hose.
  3. Turn on the generator-powered vacuum with built-in debris tank and move around the home’s perimeter, guiding the fiber pole nozzle along gutter runs to suck out all dirt and debris.
  4. Bag all debris collected in the vacuum during the service and remove it from the property.

Many homeowners also request downspout flushing as part of their gutter cleaning service. To do this, we run hose through the pole system to flush out virtually any downspout, also from the ground!

This is all still challenging and skilled work for our trained technicians, but it’s done safely without ever stepping foot on a ladder or the homeowner’s roof.

The vacuum can handle heavy debris
Since implementing the vacuum approach to gutter cleaning, we’ve found that 99% of gutters without gutter guards can be cleaned just as effectively with the GPV system as with a traditional hand cleaning. The enclosed before and after photo demonstrates the effectiveness of vacuum cleaning on heavier gutter soil.

How do you know the gutters are clean if you’re not up there?
This is a common and very good question. Since we are not physically up on a ladder to inspect the final condition of your gutters after the service, we train our technicians to use a digital camera to take “before and after” photos to share with the homeowner if they are interested in seeing the results of their service.

We always seek feedback to make sure the homeowner is satisfied with our work.

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