The Spotless Post-Pollen Punch List

“When does the pollen end?”

That is the most popular question we hear from clients looking to schedule service appointments in the spring months.

Spring pollen season in Richmond, Virginia typically occurs in late March through early June, with pollen counts dropping off considerably by mid-May. The timing of this, along with needed clean-up of fall & winter foliage and debris, makes late spring a popular time for exterior cleaning services.

We’ve prepared a “Post-Pollen Punch List” for homeowners looking to restore their home exterior to pristine condition once the yellow dust settles.

Detailed Cleaning of Windowsills and Screens

Windowsills and screens get especially dirty after fall foliage, winter moisture, and the onset of pollen. When you schedule your regular maintenance window cleaning (mop and squeegee of exterior windows and doors), make sure your window cleaning service provider has a good plan to detail clean the nooks and crannies of your windowsills, tracks, and screens.

Pressure Washing of Patios, Walkways and Driveways

Pollen residue pools and accumulates in the same moisture-prone areas of your hardscapes that collect dirt and mold. In terms of “bang for your buck”, there is nothing better than a good power washing of your hardscapes to give dingy outdoor areas a full facelift and restore enjoyable use of an important exterior space.

A good pressure washing professional should also understand when chemical application (e.g., use of sodium hypochlorite) may be a more appropriate cleaning technique for certain segments of your property. Home siding and some types of stone pavers are best cleaned through gentler chemical application and rinsing process (“softwashing”), as opposed to the use of raw water power from a pressure washing tip.

Washing Screened Porches and Outdoor Furniture

Screened porches are especially troublesome in pollen season – they accumulate pollen residue but are sheltered from the rain, so the pollen doesn’t naturally wash away. When you hire a professional to wash your home or hardscapes, consider getting a quote on the interior washing of screened-in porches. Make sure the professional has a good plan to avoid indoor water intrusion and cover electronics or other sensitive areas of your porch with plastic.

Also, outdoor furniture may appear especially weathered-looking when you’re getting outdoor spaces ready for summer use. The good news is that many types of outdoor furniture and upholstery can be safely softwashed with a gentle cleaning agent to brighten up their appearance.

If you’re checking off the boxes on this list, you’re sure to be getting the full enjoyment of your outdoor areas this summer season.

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