What To Do About Webs

There are 57 different species of spiders native to Virginia. 52 of these species are web building spiders. This includes the most common type of spider in Virginia: the Wolf Spider.

Spiders tend to prefer stable structures when building webs so the elements won’t disrupt their threaded homes. When choosing a place to make a web, spiders are most interested in what a space provides them: mainly, a good food source.

Spiders really only need a little bit of privacy from bigger animals, warmth, and access to other bugs for snacking. That’s why the sides of houses are prime targets for spiders. Not only that, but the light that comes from windows attracts bugs, which is why spiders cast their webby traps right on top of them.

The exterior walls of homes typically have grooves, cracks, or holes. These are prime locations for web building. If tree branches touch the sides of your home, this can act as highways for spiders to reach your home.

Spiders also tend to make their webs year-round and they can build one in under 30 minutes. While they are occupying a web, spiders can repair it indefinitely.

Unlike other types of debris, the challenge with spider webs is that they are sticky. They attract dirt and dust and hold onto it. If a spider abandons its web for whatever reason, they may leave it behind. For homeowners, this means they have grime catches stuck to the sides of their house.

There are a number of ways Spotless services can handle your spider web problems. If you have spiderwebs around the outsides of your windows, an outside window cleaning can easily sort that out.

Our technicians are equipped with dusting wands that are perfect for handling small debris like spider webs. With just a few swipes, we can take out those webs and have your windows looking good as new!

But what about webs that are on other parts of the home? That’s where SoftWashing comes in. There’s no better way to remove spider webs from your siding than a detailed SoftWash service. Whether the webs still host spiders or have been abandoned, SoftWashing will blow away those pests and leave your home looking fresh.

So whether you need a window cleaning or a SoftWash, our services can wipe those webs away!

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