Window Cleaning Considerations for Every Home

Hiring a professional window cleaning company will restore the appearance of your windows and remove the hassle and time investment of the “DIY” approach to window cleaning.

Our time-tested window cleaning process hasn’t changed much in over 60 years in business, and while we’re always seeing new window styles, the basic variables of window cleaning haven’t changed that much with the times.

Here are some important factors to consider before embarking on a window cleaning project or hiring a contractor.

Style matters
Other than window quantity, arguably no factor impacts your window cleaning project more than the style of your windows. Window style influences the time and skill required to complete a maintenance window cleaning.

In Richmond’s Near West End, many homes have double-hung (i.e., top- and bottom-sash) windows with a divided-lite or grid (i.e., mullion) style, in which wood or vinyl dividers separate the glass into individual panes. Due to their intricacy, divided-lite windows are time consuming to clean.

Storm windows, which are additional panels of glass (usually mounted on the outside), are also very common to older homes for purposes of energy efficiency. Storms represent an extra layer of glass to be washed and further increase the difficulty and skill-level required to produce a positive result.

Thermal pane or double-pane windows are common on newer build homes due to energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, and affordability. These windows rarely have exterior grids – each window sash is a single, large pane of glass – so are much easier to clean and maintain.

Window location
Does your home have any of the below window placements?

  • Traditional 2nd or 3rd story windows
  • Dormer windows over a pitched roof
  • Skylights
  • Palladian or decorative window above an entrance door
  • Windows below a vaulted ceiling

If so, you may have the added challenge of accessing windows at heights and/or in tricky locations. This challenge can exist on the interior or exterior of the home, and you should consider the risks and approach before performing the work or hiring the right professional. Make sure your contractor has a solid and OSHA-compliant safety plan if your home requires cleaning at heights.

Nooks and crannies
Dirt and debris commonly collect behind exterior screens, between storm window tracks, and in double hung window tracks and interior sills. If your goal is a detailed clean of the whole window (glass, rails, sills, sill interior, etc.), not just the glass, the project will be more tedious and time consuming.

Window operability and glass condition
Do your windows properly open and close? Some windows, especially on older homes, can be stuck or painted shut, which creates challenges for removing and cleaning exterior storm windows and accessing those pesky nooks and crannies.

Do you have persistent spotting on your glass? This may be a sign of hard water staining, which occurs when water minerals from your irrigation system or roof/siding runoff have created chemical stains. Ask your contractor how they plan to approach hard water spots if this may be an issue.

Each home is unique. Each homeowner has unique expectations. Make sure to take stock of yours in advance of your next window cleaning.

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