Professionalism, the Spotless Way

Professionalism (noun)

the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person

Source: Merriam-Webster

When seeking out home service contractors, we know you’re looking for a great reputation and a high level of professionalism. It doesn’t matter whether the need is landscaping, pest control, roofing, or window washing. Homeowners want to work with service providers they can trust.

At Spotless, we know that our sales, office, and field associates are the keepers of our 62-year reputation. They ensure that our clients have a positive experience and come back to us the next time there is a service need. Therefore, we talk a lot about the word “professionalism” at Spotless.  

Professionalism is so important to our identity that it is one of our Company’s five core values.

But what does professionalism really mean? Here are several key principles behind the Spotless Way of professionalism:

Be clear about price and scope

We provide fixed-price quotes for all of our standard maintenance services, with detailed documentation of contracted scope. It’s fair for the customer to understand what the work entails and what they will pay. No one likes surprises.

Look the part

Our technicians wear clean, company-issued uniforms and drive a professionally-wrapped service truck to each job site. Teams are expected to maintain a neat appearance at all times when working on customer property.

Be punctual

Spotless provides customers with a 1-hour target arrival window, which we strive very hard to achieve. Office staff and technicians are trained to communicate with customers proactively if a team is running ahead of or behind schedule.

Be friendly and polite

A kind word can change the course of someone’s day. Be cheerful and friendly in all customer interactions and know that a “yes, m’am”, “yes, sir” or warm conversation can go a long way in brightening someone’s day.

Demonstrate technical competence

All Spotless technicians undergo extensive classroom and apprenticeship training on OSHA / ladder safety, use of tools and equipment, and company policies. Our experienced team members are an extension of management in their ability to articulate the technical aspects of our services.

Work productively

It doesn’t matter whether we’re power washing, softwashing, gutter cleaning or window cleaning – we want to complete the work to a high standard without spending excessive time on the customer’s property. Having service providers at your home is disruptive, so we strive to perform each job efficiently.

Consult with the customer

It’s a “best practice” at Spotless to review cleaning results with the customer in a consultative way. The goal is to make sure client expectations are met and each customer has the opportunity to do a walkthrough of the completed work. Furthermore, when our technicians notice pre-existing damage to customer property, they are trained to immediately bring these items to the client’s attention.

Own mistakes and make it right

When a job does not meet customer expectations, we own our mistakes and make things right with the customer.

Leave no trace

Trash, tools, dirt, and debris – these items should not be left behind on a jobsite. Spotless technicians clean up after their work.

Produce exceptional results

Spotless professionals know that if the cleaning results aren’t exceptional, the service wasn’t a success.

These guidelines help our team members fulfill the Spotless mission: “To brighten the day of each customer with service and quality that exceed expectations.”

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