Top 5 Benefits of SoftWashing

As opposed to “pressure washing” or “power washing”, which utilize water and high pressure applied at close distances to blast away dirt and debris, “SoftWashing” offers a safer, gentler approach that has extraordinary benefits. Below please find Spotless’ Top 5 List for why homeowners should make SoftWashing an annual part of their exterior maintenance program.


1. Makes your home look new again

The most common reaction we hear upon completing a SoftWash service is, “My home looks new again!”. A bright, sparkling home exterior is the most obvious benefit of SoftWashing, as dirt and debris add years to your property’s appearance. Our process removes mold and mildew, spider webs, dirt, bird droppings, mud dauber nests, and insects.

2. Will not cause damage to your property or landscaping

Use of high pressure on delicate building materials (i.e., painted siding, trim, etc.) can cause significant damage. By contrast, SoftWashing is safely completed 10-20 feet away from the home using a gentle application of cleaning agents and subsequent thorough rinsing with water. Think of it as a “bath” for your house. Only durable surfaces such as brick, stamped concrete, and exposed aggregate may be safely cleaned by power washing.

3. Uses biodegradable cleaning agents and conserves water

SoftWashing requires the use of a limited number of cleaning agents to kill and remove organic matter. Our cleaning agents are biodegradable after reacting with bacteria and rinsing with water. We employ a common disinfectant used for everything from household cleaning to potable water purification.

4. Is cost effective for the homeowner and safe for technicians

In order to power wash the higher reaches of your home, professionals would need to gain close access to those areas via ladders or scaffolding. The SoftWashing technique allows technicians to eliminate difficult ladder work and complete all cleaning from ground level. This saves you money and reduces time spent working at heights.

5. Produces a clean that lasts 4-6x longer

SoftWash cleaning agents have a 100% kill rate of germs and microorganisms, eliminating your home’s discoloration at the source. Power washing removes microbes by force but does not kill them, and this allows organic matter to regenerate much more rapidly.

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